Who is this training for?

For people who want to start a professional activity as a potter and want to get acquainted with this craft.

I see pottery as a great hobby. I can fully enjoy it. When the job in education is busy, I can put all the pressure in my studio. In March 1978 I was approached by the board of the Foundation Gemerts Atelier and later ArtLokaal to provide a course in pottery for people who are interested to have.

In pottery it is primarily about controlling the basic techniques. In (course) practice, it means that you start learning how to knead special potters’ clay and rotate shapes on the turntable. Then you learn to turn down a shape, turn on your ears and make lids and you go ahead with the special decoration techniques engobe, majolica and glazes. The course ‘pottery’ is aimed at beginners as well as advanced students, each student completing a program on his or her own level under individual supervision. At the end of the academic year, the entire group pays attention to making Raku pottery. This is a technique in which red-hot pots are quickly cooled down. This causes small cracks in the glaze. The pots are then placed in a closed container with sawdust. This causes the cracks to appear dark.

Pottery The Disc For children, working with clay is an experience. They can participate in a pottery course, but it is also possible to give a birthday party. That means 2 hours of hard work with a lot of fun! At a birthday party, 2 pots are turned. Ali works all pots cleanly, bakes the jars and glazes them in the color that the year has chosen. Something to drink or snack may be taken away. The wishes and possibilities can be discussed in consultation with the people involved.

Shop, gallery and hairdresser’s museum De Schijf is not only pottery, but also shop, gallery and hairdresser’s museum. Ali van Buuren models and runs ceramics for daily use and decoration. She is also specialized in ‘glass fusion’: beautiful bowls and window decorations of different colors of fused glass. Or are you looking for jewelry of bronze and silver jewelry with / without gemstone? Ali’s father opened a hairdresser in the building next to the store after the war. The hairdresser is no longer cut. However, it is a nice museum with the decoration in the style of the 50s and the attributes of that time. The museum can be visited by appointment.

Jars and socks’ is my blog, and I’m Nora. But why not ‘ Nora’s blog ‘ or ‘ Nora bakes pots ‘? Well, there is a story attached to it and it has everything to do with my other half who still shakes his head until today, how I have ever become so addicted to the clay. For my husband, everything I do is just ‘spielerei’ and everything I make is ‘Potjes’. He does not understand what I see in it and follows it all a bit suspicious … Now I must honestly say that when I enrolled for pottering at Bie Van Gucht so many years ago, I never expected that I would go into it like that. Like everyone else, I immediately thought of Pottery baking at Patrick Swayze … Now pots on the disk is very sexy, I will not deny that! But it is also very difficult and it seriously requires concentration and perseverance. Moreover, the world of ceramics is infinitely fascinating ‘The more you learn, the less you know’ …. I am actually still a beginner.